The Residential Specialist

  • September/October 2022

    August 2022

    In This Issue: Blockchain in the real estate industry; The comeback of QR codes; Examining agent commission fees; The best proptech for agents

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  • July/August 2022

    June 2022

    In This Issue: Identify and correct bad behaviors; Navigating client friendships; The ins and outs of iBuyers; Benefits of contributing to RPAC

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  • May/June 2022

    May 2022

    In This Issue: Helping your business go green; Marketing high-performance homes; How to deliver bad news; Assisting senior clients

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  • March/April 2022

    March 2022

    In This Issue: How to Globalize Your Business; Experts Share Renovation Tips; Converting Buyers into Sales; and Strategies to Keep Clients Long Term

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  • January/February 2022

    December 2021

    In This Issue: Profiling the 2022 RRC President Holli Woodward; Selecting trusted vendor partners; Advice on firing a client; How to create the perfect webinar

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