Getting involved with RRC is easy!

The Council offers both local and national volunteer opportunities to members (listed below).

Click here to let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll help connect you to one of our numerous opportunities. We always encourage you to volunteer with RRC and your peers.

Become a Mentor


Each informal mentor-mentee partnership is matched based on a multitude of criteria including career development goals, areas of interest, and overcoming challenges.

  • Mentor Program

Martha 2022

"I have been a mentor for my company for 15 plus years and was very happy to provide mentoring through the RRC/CRS program.

It was a very positive experience for me to help encourage a good agent who needed some support and guidance.

There is an invaluable joy in mentoring when you see others succeed and know you made a difference for them.

I truly believe that mentoring is every bit a gift for both the mentor and the one being mentored."

~ Martha Knapp, CRS


National Committees and Mastermind Divisions


Applications for committees and mastermind divisions open yearly in August.

  • Awards Committee

  • Code of Conduct Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Leadership Development Committee

  • Mastermind Divisions

  • Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee

  • Election Guidelines Implementation Committee


"Why volunteer with RRC? Making lifelong friends has to be at the top of the list of
reasons! With Teresa Bidez, Alexis Bolin, Sara Ohmer at Sellabration 2022"

~ Shelley Watkins, CRS


State Leadership Positions


To increase the value of your membership, get involved with your Local and State RRC Network. If you are interested in one of these open positions, please email

  • Finance Leader

  • Education Leader

  • Membership Leader

  • Communications Leader

  • Network Directors

Board of Directors


Applications open yearly in November.  The process includes submitting a professional resume, signed affidavit verifying the level of transactions over the past three years, phone interview, reference screening and background check. Click here for the responsibility of the Board and eligibility requirements. 

  • 2025 Board of Directors

Regional Vice Presidents Committee


The Regional Vice Presidents Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of all RVPs by sharing ideas and best practices on providing assistance to individual states or regions.

RRC Representatives on NAR Committees


Committees help shape the direction of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and its policies. Committees discuss ideas and bring forward recommendations to the NAR Board of Directors for their vote.

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