The Council provides education where, when and how you want it. Whether new to the business or an established agent, CRS programming including: Webinars, Online courses and Classroom options, along with Elective courses will help you achieve greater success.

Upcoming Courses
  • Classroom Course
    May 26-27, 2015 : Tallahassee/FL

    Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business (CRS 210)

    CRS Course: RS210 (16 Credits) | CE Credit
    Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business is a highly interactive course designed to deliver all the essentials for refocusing the student’s business plan to a customer service centered, repeat more
  • Classroom Course
    May 27, 2015 : Null Zip Code/00

    Time Management

    Elective: INTL103 (8 Credits)
    This course provides a conceptual framework for managing your career. Explains how to take control of your career, for example, to develop and implement a strategy that balances the roles and opportunities offered by more
  • Classroom Course
    May 27-28, 2015 : Las Vegas/NV

    Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist (CRS 201)

    CRS Course: RS201 (16 Credits) | CE Credit
    The quality of an individual’s listing skills can give him or her a strong competitive edge. Only those professionals who learn proven listing strategies will win over the client and increase their conversion rate. more