Benefits of Sponsorship

Deliver Value and Success with CRS

CRS is a recognized leader in residential real estate training. When you sponsor a CRS course you deliver value to residential sales agents, helping them achieve professional success. CRS education provides practical, real world training that agents can put to use immediately and see the bottom line benefits.

CRS Sponsors also Profit!

CRS training provides revenue for your organization. We offer a variety of training packages and delivery options to suit your needs. As the sponsor, you set the tuition, giving you the utmost flexibility to manage your program budget. Beyond revenue, you’ll benefit from being the source for high-quality real estate education and for your affiliation with the premier residential sales designation. CRS education opens the door for new business opportunities between you and your agents. Partner with the Council to deliver:


Sponsorship Support

CRS sponsors can tap into an array of resources to help plan and deliver CRS training. The CRS staff is on hand to help every step of the way—from advising on the timing of courses, to locating an instructor, to providing marketing tools and tips. Other resources to assist sponsors include:


Start today; success is waiting—for you and for your agents!

For more information on how and why to become a sponsor of CRS Courses, contact the CRS Booking Coordinator at 312.321.4418.