Abidemi Marsh

Abidemi (Abi) Marsh is the Chief Reinvention Officer of Reinvent Your Identity, LLC. She is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker and female empowerment coach who inspires, enlightens, and energizes her audiences with her clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive patterns from the bedroom to the boardroom. She manages a speaking, events production, and coaching business to offer women the tools and strategies they need to create a fulfilled life in harmony with their values by harnessing the power of their feminine energy. She delivers passion, a relatable presence, and actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately. She is a Certified Master Life Coach and Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Training.  Abi has over 25 years of Commercial Sales and Marketing experience with companies like CNN, GE Healthcare,  Siemens, and McKesson, so her strategies cater specifically to sales professionals.

Mental Fitness for Real Estate Professionals

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