Ben Kjar

Ben Kjar was born with Crouzons syndrome (a craniofacial anomaly), and as a young boy the doctors told him that he would live a different life.....and that’s exactly what he’s done!!

Ben has risen above any of life’s challenges and become a Victor not a victim. Ben is Utah Valley University’s first-ever NCAA Division 1 Wrestling All-American and has represented the USA team internationally.

Ben is an international professional speaker and has told his story to millions around the globe, in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people!

In the past 6 years, Ben has flipped nearly 200 properties and compiled a Rental portfolio of almost 100 multifamily rentals and 3 storage unit complexes. 

Ben and his wife, LaCol, are proud parents of 3 beautiful, adopted kids which are 3 yrs old and under.

Ben believes the real way to become truly wealthy is to travel and experience culture and it’s people.  If you can connect with mankind, you will have a rich life.

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