Diane Allen, The 'Own Your Potential' Speaker & Violinist

Opening Keynote: Bring Your A-Game to Your End Game

Diane Allen was a well sought after violin teacher for 28 years and was the Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years.

She is the author of Sixteen Music Workbooks and had numerous successes in the performing arts which requires, nerves of steel.

Anyone that has ever made it to her level can tell you, it is no walk in the park. A sensitive artist, the stiff competition was quite the blow to Diane’s morale and something that she struggled with for Ten Years, and where Diane discovered her true passion and purpose for helping others to overcome their own obstacles.

In her TED talk, Diane shares her proprietary process making it possible for people to personally and professionally perform at their best, anytime, anyplace, no matter how high the pressure.

Diane, along with her Copper Dragon Violin, now speaks worldwide helping thousands to break through their performance gaps and unleash their potential.

Handouts & Audio from Diane Allen's Keynote:
Click here to download Diane's Flow Strategy Worksheet
Click here to download Postcards from Diane Allen
Click here to download an MP3 recording of Diane Allen's violin performance "Your Brilliance Unleashed"

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