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Dollars and Sense in Preparing Homes to Sell

| Jul 10, 2017

Most sellers understand that a property will sell faster and for more if it is in the best possible condition prior to hitting the market.

The clients I have the hardest time convincing are those who have a home that is in complete disrepair or who are selling the property for a family member who is elderly or deceased.

In these cases, I get the clients to see the benefits of investing in prep work by providing actual examples including specific dollar amounts of past clients who have and have not upgraded their homes before putting them on the market. The difference in net proceeds between those who invest in presale preparation and those who didn’t gets their attention.

While the decision to do property preparation is key to attracting the best offers, the decision is always up to the client. My job is to make sure clients know and understand their options.

Bill Kuhlman

Thanks to Bill Kuhlman, CRS for another great tip. Bill is a Broker Associate with Keller Williams Boston South West in Needham, MA. Bill has been a CRS since 2006.