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Marketing Outdoor Space

| Jun 05, 2017

Because outdoor spaces should be tailored to the needs of the buyer, it’s important to find out what your client wants before showing the client something that’s trendy, rather than useful.

I have a series of questions I ask up front when I have a buyer. The outdoor space itself isn’t the only way to experience the outdoors- how the inside interacts with the outside matters, too.

When you do the initial listing appointment, you want to talk about how the inside and outside correspond, because the seller really wants people to like both.

In general, outdoor spaces have to go way beyond curb appeal, allowing multiple spaces around the outside that connect with the inside.

sharon Breslau

Thanks to Sharon Breslau, CRS, for another great tip. Sharon is an associate broker with Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty, LTD. in  Woodstock, NY. Sharon has been a CRS since 2008.