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Understanding the Downsizing Trend

| May 22, 2017

The first step to attracting and serving downsizers is understanding why clients downsize in the first place. The number one reason people downsize is because their home no longer suits the life they want to live. For that reason, I call it rightsizing instead of downsizing. It’s not about what homeowners give up: square footage. Rather, it’s about what they gain-a space that better suits their needs. For example, when older clients move into a full-service condo, they exchange vacant bedrooms and stairs for an updated kitchen, a guest room, and a larger master suite in an elevator building that has a doorman and a concierge,”

Margaret Rome

Thanks to Margaret Rome, CRS, for another great tip. Margaret is a broker/owner at HomeRome Realty in Baltimore, M.D.  Margaret has been a CRS since 1997.

Read more about downsizing in theMay/June issueof TRS Magazine, “Honey, I shrunk the house”.

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