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Best Practices for Nabbing Referrals Using 'Find A CRS'

| Apr 25, 2017

Ashley Dawson is the Customer Support lead at Agentdesks where she speaks with dozens of agents every week. With the recent launch of CRS and Agentdesks partnership, many of her conversations have been focused around referrals.

Agents often share with her their process of finding and deciding on who to send their client referrals to so she decided to shared her insight on how CRS Designees can get the most value from the  "Find a CRS' referral and networking program.

5 tips for landing more referrals.

1. Always answer your phone: It might not be what you wanted to hear, but this is by far the biggest determining factor. Let’s say an agent started with a city search and narrowed it down by applying all kinds of filters. If there are 10 agents left on the list, I guarantee they will work their way down the list until someone answers the phone. The first agent to pick up will likely get the referral. (Hopefully it goes without saying that you need to have you your best contact number listed in our profile!)

2. Timeliness wins: If the interview process continues past the initial phone call, the sending agent will likely have a list of questions for you. It might feel like overkill but remember, the sending agent is just doing their fiduciary duty by making sure their client ends up in the right hands. Answer all of their questions thoughtfully, and ASAP to show that you’re motivated, hard-working and reliable.

3. Have a niche: While you might in fact be the best at everything, everywhere, that’s not a great marketing point. Pick a neighborhood, community or construction style and echo that expertise in all of your marketing channels and materials. It’s all about narrowing your competition, so unless you have the numbers to show you’re actually the best in all the land, choose a niche and make yourself known as the “go-to” for that particular area.

4. Promise to communicate: Most of the time the sending agent wants to be kept in the loop with their clients search/sale. Assure them that you will be communicative throughout the process and even tell them how (ex. phone calls, emails etc.). Let them know when there’s a development, and give them a heads up BEFORE closing.

5. Know your market (by heart): This advice is not limited to referrals and should probably go without saying but there are certain stats you should always be able to answer without giving it a second thought. For example:

•What is the median home price in your market?

•What’s the average DOM (days on market) count for homes listed in your area?

•What’s the average list-to-sale ratio?

When it comes time for YOU to send a referral, refer to this guideline and hold other agents to the same standard!

 Use the Find a CRS referral network now! If you have questions contact CRS at 800-462-8841 or


Have you tried the new and improved “Find a CRS” online referral program powered by Agentdesks yet?

It only takes a few minutes to get started by updating your profile at You can now customize your profile with more information to help you stand out in your market. Make sure you’ve completed the following:

  • Add a profile picture
  • List your brokerage firm and the regions in which you operate
  • Provide your license number
  • Complete your contact info
  • Post one active buyer need

And, don’t forget to download the Agentdesks app to add additional details. Now powered by Agentdesks, Find a CRS is available on mobile devices with a messaging tool, and it uses an enhanced search that includes designees based on primary office city and any additional cities purchased, plus it includes public active listings.

The new system includes robust referral management capabilities, allowing agents to send referrals through DocuSign and to track referrals through a convenient dashboard.

As part of CRS's partnership with Agentdesks, all CRS Designees have free access to the Agentdesks Professional plan, which includes a mobile-first CRM and access to exclusive CRS regional groups, as well as a 25 percent discount on the Agentdesks team plan.

 Use the Find a CRS referral network now!