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Two Words That Help Close More Deals

| Apr 03, 2017

While everyone wants to close the next sale, have an offer accepted and earn a commission, there are times when obstacles that get in the way of an efficient closing. Sometimes, the burden of these challenges or the personalities of other people on the team (the other agent, the lenders, the buyer or the seller) can really wreak havoc on your emotions.

There is an easy way around this with two simple words:

"You’re fired.”

If you find yourself consumed by one specific issue and it is getting in the way of prospecting for new transactions, then you need to move on. For example, these are times to say,” You’re fired”:

         If your Internet leads are not getting back to you, ask “Do you want to still want to receive property alerts? If not, I can cancel your name in my system.” Essentially you are asking to be fired.

         * Why waste time on people that are not going to use your services?

          If you schedule property showings and the buyers continue to cancel, have a heart-to-heart talk with them.

         * If the buyer prospects are not on board, then spend your time identifying someone who is ready to use your services today.

         * When difficult sellers won’t lower their price, make suggested repairs, or have unrealistic demands, the best option may be referring your sellers to another agent who would be eager to take the listing off your hands (and don’t forget to ask for a referral fee).

The point is that sometimes getting fired or laying off a client can be the most efficient way to free up your time and focus on your next closing.

Melissa Zavala

Thanks to Melissa Zavala, with Broadpoint Properties, Inc. in Encinitas, CA.  Melissa has been a CRS since 2016.