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Creating Better Photos Through Bracketing

| Mar 13, 2017

Taking multiple shots from different angles of your camera and blending them together (called bracketing) can transform ordinary shots into standout photos. This can be done by adjusting your camera setting to manual and using a tripod. The Automatic Exposure Bracketing is a function most DSLR cameras have to take three photos with only one click of the shutter, each in different exposures. The result will be one photo a bit too bright, one just right (depending on which part you’re looking to expose properly) and one a bit darker. Then, use software that allows you to blend bracketed photos, such as Photomatrix, will allow you to adjust the photo to achieve the brightest, clearest image. This method is useful when shooting night photos, rooms with low lighting, or when shooting on a cloudy versus a sunny day. Photography has become an increasingly important component in the real estate, and this is a relatively easy way to take photos like a pro.

Dale Carlton head shot (2)

Thanks to Dale Carlton, CRS, for another great tip. Dale is an owner of Carlton Realty, Inc. in Fayetteville, AR. Dale has been a CRS since 2005.


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