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Closing the Buyer and Receiving a 5-Star Review

| Mar 07, 2017

Today, most people search for online reviews before they pick a restaurant, dog walker, electrician, or any type of service industry professional. The same holds true for real estate agents. Having positive online reviews can make or break your business, and we will be sharing proven methods on how to consistently receive a 5-star review from every client.

Watch “Closing the Buyer and Receiving a 5-Star Review” webinar with Lisa Kittleman. Lisa has a jam-packed webinar planned full of processes, scripts, and systems you can use to close more buyers, receive more 5-star reviews, and increase your referrals all at once. You’ll know exactly what to focus on to create a positive customer experience from start to finish. Start building up those stellar reviews and register today!

Meet Lisa…

Nationally syndicated columnist, author, speaker, and consultant, Lisa Kittleman is a Partner, CEO, and Lead Buyers Agent of The Kittleman Group. Lisa has been in real estate for five years and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Last year Lisa and her mother, Laura, closed over $27 million and this year they are on track to close $45 million.