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The Ultimate Work-Life Juggle

Jan 8, 2021, 13:47 PM
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Sue Long, CRS
Jan 8, 2021, 00:00 AM

If you have ever been in your second trimester of pregnancy, you may have experienced the incredible energy this can bring. I am normally referred to as energetic, so this extra burst was over the top for me. That's when I decided to get my real estate license with a Two- and Three-year-old already under foot. Thankfully, my supportive husband, a busy veterinarian himself, agreed to solo-parent the kids while I traveled 45 minutes each away to take the 8-week evening classes.

The market sucked at the time. I was new in the business and no one was buying anything in 1985! There were tons of listings and none sold and marketing them absorbed any money you might have gained on a 50-50 split. People would call to list their home and agents would just laugh at them – so I stepped in and did what I could. I was carrying close to 30 properties as a newbie (I would kill for that in this market!). I was one of the lucky ones as we could live off my husband's income, thus did not have as much pressure.

Real estate was far from simple, now with three children and my license. I had no energy after juggling them and office meetings and returning calls on the go when there were no cell phones. I would stop at nearly every corner to call someone as I remembered I had forgotten to arrange a showing, or the seller wasn't available when I tried earlier. (No text messages either....) The kids would get so disgusted waiting in the car over and over during my calls.  

Then there were times that I had a showing arranged with my husband watching the baby (kids were in school) but he would get an emergency call - aack! Last minute sitters were hard to arrange. Back in those days you drove everyone around in your car to show property (seems crazy now in 2021 with the pandemic) and I recall having the baby's car seat squished in between the customers or in the front seat with me – definitely now a no-no! 

Another time I remember at the final closing table with my buyers at the title company, I had brought the baby and the title officer insisted on holding him while she had the customers sign and go through documents. We remained friends long after and joked about it for years to come.  

The nice part was that I got a lot of good practice while the market was so very difficult. By the time all the kids were in school and it was a breeze to focus all day on real estate, I was well-trained and raring to go!  While some may bemoan the ‘always-on’ aspect of being a real estate agent, I will always be appreciative of the flexibility it allowed me to raise my kids while providing for them, some vacations, and investments. It has been a great ride!

How I handled juggling a family and a new real estate career in a difficult market.
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