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Pumpkin Spice and a Little Advice

Nov 3, 2021, 19:29 PM
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Shannon Gilmore, CRS
Nov 2, 2021, 00:00 AM

Autumn has arrived and with the change of season comes the end to summer vacations, weddings, and the busy start of the school year. It is also great time to let your SOI or Geo-farm know you are thinking of them. Rather than send a random email, why not make someone’s day with a little Pop By?

Pop bys, are meant to be quick, can be left in person or not, and are usually a small item. They can be whimsical with a play on words but most of all, the process should be fun. Fun for you to share and fun for the person who is now receiving, all thanks to you.

Most agents appreciate and take care of their repeat and referral clients. There are times though when we want to do something a little extra. Pop Bys are a great way to check in and reestablish a connection with past clients you may not have seen or communicated with as much as you’d like. Oh, and if they are not home, they will still appreciate your efforts and likely reach out. If you don’t hear back, it gives you an excuse to call, text or email.

What--YOU don’t have the time with this busy fall market? Did you realize there are friends, family, TEENAGERS, who may like to be creative and earn a few bucks? Now is the time to recruit them. If you are working with sweat equity then when you sit down to watch TV just work on your little project during commercials. Before you know it, you’ll be done and ready to go – POP By!

So, what if this fall market has you running crazy and you just have no ideas? Well, I have that worked out for you too:
*Please make your own, change edit, these are just some ideas…

  • Supplies some simple gift tags, ribbon, markers, glue, biz cards.
  • Pumpkin theme – A small pumpkin with a tag attached reading “We are ready to carve out time for your RE Needs or Referrals.” Make it your own, change it, used colored markers and/or a cute gift tag.
  • Mulling Spice – “Have you been mulling over ____?" (i.e. 'the real estate market', or 'selling your house', or 'current price...' all work). Attach a tag to a bag of mulling spices (add your business card to one side).
  • Microwave Popcorn – any time of year, “Just popping by to say thank you or thinking of you."
  • Apple (with peeler or corer or without) – “You and your referrals are the core of my business.”
  • Little bag with Candy, or candy corn – “Trick or Treat - just a little something sweet.”
  • Fall candle (votive or whatever you prefer) pumpkin spice or cinnamon smell – “It makes scents this Fall to talk RE.”
  • Happy Fall (with a treat, candy corn, hot cocoa, candy apple) – “Thanks for being such a sweet client!”
  • Ghost peeps or Ghost Cookie – “It’s a Bootiful time to buy or sell real estate."

Want more ideas? You won’t be disappointed if you check out Fall Pop Bys on Pinterest; plenty of ideas to get your creativity flowing. If you have a healthy budget and want someone else to do the work check out or check out Etsy, (easy just type in fall realtor pop bys). No matter what you decide to do it will be appreciated and could likely generate a referral. So put on a smile and go Pop By!

Show your clients your thinking about them with these fall themed 'Pop By' ideas!
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