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Engaging with Your Community is a Win

Jan 26, 2021, 11:48 AM
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Sue Long, CRS
Jan 25, 2021, 00:00 AM

Giving Back Goes a Long Way...

Now more than ever business leaders are expected to, and should, step up to help in the communities they serve. With 2020 being an especially difficult year, and 2021 looking like it will be a rebuilding and recovery year, we wanted to share a few of the projects we have done over the years giving back. And an additional bonus is the sense of community and purpose amongst our team of agents after our service projects are completed. Here are a few examples where we have pitched in over the years not to boast, but rather give ideas:

  1. “Kids 4 Hire Catalog” – Started this in the 90s to help kids create a work ethic, we asked in our monthly newsletter (hand delivered door to door to hundreds by my own children) for neighborhood kids who wanted to do odd jobs such as babysitting, dog-walking, yardwork, housesitting, etc. during the summer. The community LOVED it! Kids, their parents and seniors in the area all benefitted. The catalog of kids willing to serve was delivered and had staying power all year, keeping us top of mind. Times and technologies have changed, but this one fit the period well.

  2. Area Food Drive – Using my connections with the Boy and Girl Scouts, school organizations, and others, every year from 1995-2016, we organized the Spring Food Drive for 3 cities in our area. This entailed organizing the cities into small areas, assigning them to interested groups, and managing the logistics of hundreds of volunteers delivering collection bags one weekend, and then going back to collect the food on doorsteps the next. It was always an intense weekend and involved many hours in the months leading up but knowing that our local food bank was replenished in the lean seasons after the major holidays was the satisfaction needed to keep it going.

  3. KW Red Day – Keller Williams has a dedicated day of service every May. We come together as an office to rally around a specific non-profit or city need. This past year, we all gave over about 200 hours of landscaping work for a residential organization serving troubled children.
  4. Working the County Fair – Our farm and land specialist, helps out with the 4H-livestock auction, annually, with other Lion’s Club members.
  5. Serving on the Board of Directors of the Southern OR Region Red Cross, helping with Blood Drives, local disasters, etc. 
  6. Rallying our agents’ customers, friends, and family to support other local organizations:
    - Fundraising for Community Outreach—which helps provide emergency housing for families in crisis.
    - Sponsoring several programs for church members such as providing shelter for suddenly homeless families, car care for single moms, and providing holiday meals for the less fortunate.
    - Soles for Souls shoe collection to help provide footwear to poor here and abroad.
    - Sponsoring fundraising activities for the Assistance League, and other great non-profit groups.
  7. Serving on the Board of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Donating to the local high school sports teams.

These are just a few examples of how we engage in our community. There are likely hundreds of organizations that you can support that can match to your agents’ passions, or if you’re up for it, to spearhead a brand new one.  

But there is so much more to do. Our goal is to make a difference, and we know we can make an even bigger difference if we engage those who are already engaging with us – our customers, past clients, service providers and more. Many people want to help, they just don’t know where to start, and need a call to action from their friendly local real estate broker.

Sue Long is the Principal Broker (owner-operator) of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette in Corvallis, Oregon

Now more than ever business leaders are stepping up to help in the communities they serve.
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