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December Reflections

Dec 7, 2020, 00:00 AM
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Marianne McNally
Dec 7, 2020, 09:00 AM

Most Realtors® take December to reflect on their business year. Let’s not do that this year, 2020. I want you to reflect way back to 1944. It was a time in our country when our leaders asked men and women to go to Europe and fight for our freedom in WWII. My dad, Don Malarkey, was one of those men. Along with his comrades of the 101st Airborne, 506th PIR, Easy Company, they were in Bastogne, Belgium in December, the Battle of the Bulge. They were living in the ground in foxholes they dug in the Bois Jacques woods and they were surrounded by Germans. Temperatures were below freezing; snow was everywhere, and they were living like animals. Not enough food, no winter clothing, no fires to keep them warm. The odds of the Americans getting out of there with their freedom, or their lives, was in question. They didn’t care what the odds were - they had confidence, they had each other, and they had a leader they believed in. Nothing was going to stand in their way. The 101st had a mountain they would run on a daily basis in Georgia during basic training. The name of it was Currahee. This mountain became their motto. They used this word as inspiration in WWII. When they would say a toast, they would end it by loudly saying CURRAHEE!

Now it’s 2020, we are surrounded by COVID, we can’t be with all our loved ones and we have to choose who will be in our bubble. Some of us can’t work due to shut downs and we are being asked to sacrifice. These aren’t things we signed up for in 2020. Our government is asking us to stay at home for the good of everyone in our country. Plus, don’t forget your mask when you leave the house or you won’t be allowed into any buildings. Now it’s the holidays and we can’t see all our families and our friends. We have to choose; it just isn’t fair.

Let’s compare these two situations. COVID is a world war right now, we are all fighting against this enemy. This could be the first time in modern times that the whole world is fighting for the same thing, against the same enemy. Our foxholes are our homes, that is if we are fortunate we have a roof over our heads. This has come to be known as quarantining. For the men and women of WWII this was called surviving. They weren’t with their families for holidays during WWII, just like us now. I could go on and on about the similarities of these two situations.

As my dad would say, “Freedom is not free, we have to pay a price for it.” We are paying a price for our freedom now. While it’s not free, it will be worth it. Our duty as Realtors® is to be leaders, show our families, our communities, cities, states, and our Nation that we are in this fight together, we will win. We stand alone together, CURRAHEE!


~ Marianne McNally, CRS, Salem Oregon

Powering through the holiday season during a pandemic.
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