The Residential Specialist

  • trs_2015_jan_feb

    January/February 2015

    January 2015

    Story topics include: Meet Dale Carlton, the 2015 CRS President; video marketing; tracking ROI; mentoring; saving for tough times; cultivating referrals; financial matters; and more.

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  • trs_2014_nov_dec

    November/December 2014

    November 2014

    Story topics include: City living; Neighborhood amenities; First-time homebuyers; Restarting your business in a new town; SEO; Office space; and more.

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  • trs_2014_sept_oct

    September/October 2014

    September 2014

    Story topics include: Defining REALTOR® value; Marketing to Gen Y; Specialize or diversify?; Getting Local; Social media challenges; and more.

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  • trs_2014_jul_aug

    July/August 2014

    July 2014

    Story topics include: The high-rise condo market; marketing overload; the new construction market; dressing for success; refreshing your brand; getting value for social media.

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  • trs_2014_may_june

    May/June 2014

    May 2014

    Story topics include: multigenerational housing trends; CRSs' young guns; the state of the housing market; building a referral network; mobile-friendly websites; and more.

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