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The Residential Specialist

  • May-June-19-cover

    May/June 2019

    May 2019

    In this issue: Do old clichés hold water?; Turing a NO into a YES; Revive a lost listing without shifting price; How to position yourself as an influencer

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  • Cover page web

    March/April 2019

    March 2019

    In this issue: iBuyers offer quick cash; Correctly classify workers; Buying sight unseen; Update your business plan; Local market housing trends; Engage with your community

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  • Jan-Feb 2019 cover

    January/February 2019

    January 2019

    Calculating maintenance costs; Investing in multifamily rentals; Emerging trends in 2019; Up your game with drones; Is your buyer pre-approved?; Grow with event marketing

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  • CRS_040 (1)

    November/December 2018

    November 2018

    In this issue: The perils of dual agency; Amplify your word-of-mouth; The value of construction skill; Marketing to different ages; Tips for social media strength; What is drip marketing?

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  • CRS_038 (2)

    September/October 2018

    September 2018

    In this issue: Promotion through emotion; Cultivate your online brand; Get loose in a tight market; Are you ready for tax season; Distribute leads more fairly; The benefits of print promotion; The best states for growth

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