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  • Raising the real estate bar, the Zillow and Compass way

    Apr 08, 2019
    A few years ago, a real estate veteran allegedly wore a hat with the number “40” emblazoned on the crown, which was his purported ranking on the Stefan Swanepoel 200 Power List.
  • Create an office space that engages and inspires

    Apr 08, 2019
    Great office design speaks volumes about a company – it conveys the firm’s personality while creating a welcoming space that encourages productivity and engages the community. As part of its annual awards, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) presents an award for Most Innovative Office Design.
  • Real estate teams should demand more. Here’s why.

    Apr 08, 2019
    Teams are often the highest contributors to brokerage sales volume, making them a critical part of today’s real estate landscape. Teams are also one of the fastest growing segments in real estate, so it’s important for brokers to make an effort to do whatever they can to recruit and retain teams in their organization.
  • What kind of leader are you?

    Apr 08, 2019
    World-renowned author and speaker, John C. Maxwell, says, “Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less.” The real essence of and starting point towards leadership is when someone realizes he or she can make a difference. Leaders see things other people don’t see.
  • Using data to find your buyer

    Apr 08, 2019
    Thanks to the rapid proliferation of online tools for homebuyers, the sales landscape for REALTORS© has evolved. “Back in the old days ... REALTORS© kept all the information,” says Troy Owens, a leading agent with Group One Sotheby’s International Realty. “They were the gatekeepers. To get into a home, you had to have a REALTOR© to help you out. Well, those days are gone.”
  • Wanna sharpen your skills? Try these classes and certifications

    Apr 08, 2019
    Whether you’re considering earning additional certifications to bolster your credentials and impress clients or taking classes just to enrich your real estate knowledge, the well-rounded Renaissance agent is a successful one. Here are some ideas for you to take your skills to the next level.
  • The essential guide to Wall Street and real estate

    Apr 08, 2019
    Wall Street and venture capitalists are pouring fortunes into everything from real estate tech companies to single-family rentals. Here's what real estate pros should know from the top down.
  • 3 marketing activities all agents should be doing

    Apr 08, 2019
    Because you’re running your own business, it’s even more important to balance all of your talents and cognizantly incorporate good marketing in your day-to-day tasks — regardless of your experience level or what’s happening in the market as a whole. Here are three things all agents should master.
  • Lesson Learned: You gotta have faith

    Apr 08, 2019
    In this weekly column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week, Virginia team leader Gina Tufano.
  • Does the car an agent drives to a listing appointment matter?

    Apr 08, 2019
    When Courtney Clarke showed up to meet a potential client last month, the first thing she ended up talking about was her 2018 M5 BMW. The man, a mechanic, loved it.
  • Who do you want to sell to? 4 tips for honing your target market

    Apr 07, 2019
    Who is your ideal client? Everyone, right? Wrong. Here’s why honing in on your target audience is crucial to killing it in your market and how to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • NY developer sentenced to 6 years in prison for fraud

    Apr 06, 2019
    A New York-based real estate developer was sentenced to six years in prison on Thursday for running a years-long scheme to defraud investors of $58 million, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced. 
  • MyHouseby will now digitize construction for San Antonio buyers

    Apr 06, 2019
    Out of the accelerator and growing, the virtual homebuilder is taking its virtual custom building solution to new markets in Texas.
  • Why iBuying is the new Zestimate

    Apr 06, 2019
    Between Zillow’s powerful grasp over the start of the consumer homebuying journey and the relative ease of instant online offers, it’s no question that the listing powerhouse can dominate this new frontier of buying and selling.
  • SoftBank eyeing additional $15B for its Vision Fund: Report

    Apr 05, 2019
    Softbank's Vision Fund, the venture capital arm of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, is seeking to raise an additional $15 billion to invest in tech startups.