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A CRS REALTOR® is a Certified Residential Specialist - one of the top 2 percent of real estate agents in the U.S. CRS agents have more experience and training than the average REALTOR® and they are part of a community of REALTORS® dedicated to improving the real estate industry for homebuyers and sellers everywhere.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home, look for a Certified Residential Specialist, a CRS.

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Looking for an agent in your area? Use our Find-a-CRS search tool to locate a qualified Certified Residential Specialist in your city, state, or zip code.

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    Are You Prepared To Do These 5 Things to Sell Your Own Home?

    It’s a question thousands of homeowners ask themselves every year: Should I try to sell my house myself? If you’re considering putting your own house on the market, keep in mind that selling your home can be...

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    7 Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

    You want to sell your home quickly and profitably, but you may have a few repairs to make first. But how do you know which repairs are worth doing, and which ones are better left to the buyer? Here are a few tips:...

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    The 2 Most Common Pricing Mistakes

    Price is the No. 1 factor that helps potential homebuyers determine which homes they want to view. The right price should attract buyers, allow you to earn the most money possible and help you sell as quickly as...

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  • Inspection

    4 Times You Should Appeal an Appraisal

    Home appraisals are a mandatory part of the home buying and selling process that allow lenders to determine a home’s “official” value. Unfortunately, an appraiser may find that your home’s value...

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    3 Home Remodeling Trends Buyers Love

    Buyers these days are looking for increasingly functional home design. When investing in a major remodel, remember that while a quick paint job or some new tile will assuredly spiff up the place, truly appealing to...

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