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  • patience sign

    Patience is the key to higher conversions

    May 15, 2017
    Follow-up is extremely important when receiving a lead and you need to have a system in place that can be activated from the moment you receive your first inquiry. What we often fail to realize is conversion can often occur after the fifth attempt to reac...
  • staged furniture

    Consider Digitally Added Furniture to Stage Your House

    May 08, 2017
    When you look at a virtually staged room, even though it’s all digital furniture, compared to an empty room, there’s no question which is better. A staged room evokes emotions you just don’t get with a blank room. With virtual staging, t...
  • Lawnsigns

    For Sale Signs – Showstopper or Deal Killer?

    May 02, 2017
    A sign in a yard has a dual purpose: it is meant to give information and to receive leads. If you want to kill it in real estate this season, do a quick evaluation of the quality of your signs. Make sure your name and phone number can be read from a dista...
  • logo find a crs

    Best Practices for Nabbing Referrals Using 'Find A CRS'

    Apr 25, 2017
    Ashley Dawson is the Customer Support lead at Agentdesks where she speaks with dozens of agents every week. With the recent launch of CRS and Agentdesks partnership, many of her conversations have been focused around referrals. Agents often share with he...
  • unwelcomemat

    Dealing with Homeowner Turn-Offs

    Apr 24, 2017
    “Foul odors, flat-out filth, serious clutter, extreme personal decorating choices and shabbiness, both inside and out can be a sale’s ‘kiss of death’ regardless of location. When sellers ask me if it’s worth the investm...
  • participation

    Participation is key to building a referral-based network

    Apr 17, 2017
    “Getting involved is a great way to know a lot of people, contribute to the community and increase your visibility. The key is to building an effective referral network is to get known, and that means jumping into CRS activities, attending local cla...
  • Print Portal

    CRS Marketing Materials Portal

    Apr 14, 2017
    CRS has recently added a new CRS Marketing Materials Portal as a new benefit for CRS Members. Now you can promote your CRS Designation with customizable marketing materials that set you apart in your marketplace. Members can use this new turn-key, one...
  • Computer

    Provide the inside “Scoop” in your neighborhood newsletters

    Apr 10, 2017
    “I’ve mailed a monthly newsletter for nine years to residents in a neighborhood community and found out early on that people didn’t want canned information, recipes, or the schedule for the baseball team. I customize the information to t...
  • fired

    Two Words That Help Close More Deals

    Apr 03, 2017
    While everyone wants to close the next sale, have an offer accepted and earn a commission, there are times when obstacles that get in the way of an efficient closing. Sometimes, the burden of these challenges or the personalities of other people on the te...
  • bolt

    The 3 Most Powerful Words

    Apr 03, 2017
    The 3 Most Powerful Words I was reading an article this week, and a single point stood out to me like a lightening bolt. The three most POWERFUL words you can use in your marketing are: YOU, BECAUSE, & NOW. YOU - It's about what...