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  • ducklings

    Strategies For Working With Families

    Feb 12, 2016
    “I never show more than four or five homes to families who have small children with them because the showings become overwhelming for the kids, which makes it hard for the parents to focus. I have also learned that early showings are the best bet...
  • involved

    Get Involved With Your Community

    Jan 20, 2016
    “Community service is very important to us at my firm and each one of us serves on several different boards. I was the Immediate Past President of the Atlanta Metro Chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, and another agent in the...
  • Picture1_9

    Use Keywords to Help Sell Historic Homes

    Jan 05, 2016
    “In addition to Zillow and Trulia (now under the same corporate umbrella), I’ve also used to post my historic homes for sale on, which is a website that gets a lot of traffic. No matter which online media you cho...