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Tip of the Week: Advise Your Clients to Shop for Loans

Jan 17, 2018
Advise your clients to shop for mortgages.
Over 50% of home buyers don’t shop to find the best interest rate for their mortgage.

While a buyer would rarely purchase the first home they look at, they will accept the rate and terms offered by only one lender. While the borrower and the property affect the rate and terms that a lender may offer, not all lenders offer the same terms and rates to the same buyer.

I advise my clients that shopping around to compare rate and terms for a mortgage is a reasonable exercise considering that a half percent less interest rate could not only lower the payment but the cumulative interest that is paid while that loan is outstanding.



Thanks to Dale Carlton, CRS, for another great tip. Dale is a broker/owner with Carlton Realty, Inc. in Fayetteville, AR. Dale is also a professionally trained photographer and a co-owner of Focused Exposure. He has been a CRS since 2005.