Door Knocking Can Reap Big Rewards

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Door Knocking Can Reap Big Rewards

Sep 12, 2017
Knock on doors

If you’ve never tried door knocking, start with a small footprint. Start with two blocks and do those well, and then add another block.

Rule number one is that it’s all about relationships and you’ve got to meet the people to have those relationships.

Rule number two is about perception. I try to respect people and leave a newsletter behind, which creates a positive perception, so they see us as knowledgeable, honest and fair and easy to talk to.

The key to door knocking is doing it consistently which means knocking on the same homes at least six or more times a year.

You’re not going to get out there and get ten listings; you have to set the relationship and perception that you are knowledgeable and know what you are doing to rise above the competition.

Susan Nielson

Thanks to Susan Nielsen, CRS for another great tip. Susan is a Senior Agent with The Real Estate Group in Torrance, CA. Susan has been a CRS since 1999.