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Got questions? Use this Q&A Guide to 'Find a CRS'

Jun 19, 2017
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Q & A Guide to Using 'Find a CRS'

Update your profile to get the most out of ‘Find a CRS’

Have you tried the new and improved “Find a CRS” online referral program powered by Agentdesks yet?

It only takes a few minutes to get started by updating your profile at You can now customize your profile with more information to help you stand out in your market.

Now powered by Agentdesks, Find a CRS is available on mobile devices and uses a new messaging tool, plus it includes an enhanced search that includes designees based on primary office city and additional cities purchased—it even includes your public active listings!

Got questions? Use this Q&AGuide to get answers to the most common questions that you may have about “Find A CRS”.

  1. What happens to the current ‘Find a CRS’ mobile app? 
    The current app has been discontinued from the app store. You can access the enhanced ‘Find a CRS’ on mobile through the Agentdesks app
  2. Can I login to Agentdesks using my CRS username and password? 
    Yes you can.
  3. How do I update my CRS page description and photo? 
    You can do so on the Agentdesks app by clicking on edit profile or do it within the CRS system. Both are synced.
  4. I updated my profile and/or banner on but the updates have not been reflected yet on Agentdesks. Why is this?
    Updates will be reflected within 24 hours. We are working on making this quicker.
  5. How do I add my listings on my Agentdesks profile?
    1. Complete instructions here
    2. Make sure your MLS name, License ID, MLS email are added to your profile so listings can be added
    3. If your MLS is on the list and you have added the above details and you still don’t see your listings, ensure that your broker is publishing listings through ListHub to Agentdesks.
  6. What are the benefits of Agentdesks Professional? 
    Added features for professional plan are available here
  7. Why am I part of CRS xxx group? I would rather be a part of CRS xxx group.
    You can go to the side panel of your mobile app and the web app, to search for additional city groups to join. If there are 2 city groups you think should be merged, send a note to
  8. What is the CRS city/state network group for? You can broadcast buyer needs, pre market properties, ask questions, plan events, share vendor recommendations etc.
  9. Do I get Docusign for free? 
    You only get Docusign for free to send referrals to other CRS Designees within Find a CRS and Agentdesks.
  10. How does Agentdesks/Find a CRS compare to the Qualified Consumer Leads program powered by Referral Exchange? 
    The CRS partnership with Referral Exchange is focused on providing you with qualified consumer leads. As a CRS Designee, you already meet all criteria to be an agent in the Referral Exchange consumer leads program and you can start receiving qualified customer referrals.
  1. Does Agentdesks take a commission for any referrals completed through the platform? 
    No, Agentdesks is only the technology solution to improve Find a CRS capabilities. You still initiate and complete the referral and Agentdesks will not take a cut from that transaction.
  2. What if my listings are not associated with my License ID but my team leader’s License ID? 
    Make sure to add your team leader’s License ID in the License ID prompt - the listings will be imported.
  3. My MLS is not showing up in the dropdown - how do I add my listings?
    List of supported MLS - Unfortunately, we cannot import listings outside of this list for now.
  4. How long will I be able to get Agentdesks Pro for free? The agreement with Agentdesks and CRS is for 5 years.
  5. Do I have to download the Agentdesks app if I only want to use Find a CRS?
    If you only want to use Find a CRS online on your PC, you don’t necessarily need to download the app. However, you will be unable to take advantage of some new features powered by Agentdesks. If you want to use Find a CRS mobile version, it will only be available within the Agentdesks mobile app moving forward.
  6. Can I use Agentdesks for my entire team? 
    Yes, Agentdesks has a team plan available which is offered to designees for a 25% discount.
  7. How does Agentdesks compare to other CRM/Networking software on the market (like Top Producer)?
    1. Mobile first
    2. Lightweight with integrations
    3. Combines agent networking with client communication
    4. No other CRM has a messaging channel
  8. Where do I go for help if I have any issues with the new Find a CRS or Agentdesks app?
    If there are questions related to your membership and your member profiles, you can contact CRS Customer Service at 1-800-462-8841. For any product questions, please contact or call 628-999-2800 or the app has a messaging window within it. The phone line is active 8am to 8pm PT.
  1. What support materials do you have available that I can use? 
    Agentdesks Knowledge base is available here -
  2. Who is Agentdesks? I never heard of them.
    Agentdesks is a mobile first networking and CRM platform for Real Estate Agents, headquartered in San Francisco. It’s the only product that has a single platform for managing relationships with both clients and agents in one place. Started in 2015, it’s used by over 10,000 Realtors globally and 4,000 in the United States. Agentdesks is backed by prominent investors such as Sierra Ventures, VTF Capital, Cota Capital and other notable angels.
  1. Why is Agentdesks offering their Pro version for free to CRS designees?
    CRS leadership chose to be an early adopter of the Agentdesks Professional plan and CRS leaders were instrumental in giving feedback to bring out the best product for all Realtors.
  2. I already have a CRM that I use and I don’t want to switch. Can I use Agentdesks just for networking? Yes, you can!
  3. How can I learn more? 
    Agentdesks hosts a webinar every Thursday at 11am PT introducing the new ‘Find a CRS’, and how to make the most out of ‘Find a CRS’ and Agentdesks. You can sign up for one here.
  1. When will Agentdesks be available in my market? What are your plans to roll it out to CRS Member

         Agentdesks is now available for use to all CRS Designees. Please login with your CRS credentials to get full access.

The new system also includes robust referral management capabilities, allowing agents to send referrals through Docusign and to track referrals through a convenient dashboard.

As part of CRS's partnership with Agentdesks, all CRS Designees have free access to the Agentdesks Professional plan, which includes a mobile-first CRM and access to exclusive CRS regional groups, as well as a 25 percent discount on the Agentdesks team plan.

Still have questions? Email CRS Customer Service or call (312) 321-4400 or (800) 462-8841.