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Use technology to operate your office more efficiently

Jun 12, 2017

I wanted to figure out what tasks I could automate that would free up my stress - my anxiety of having this overwhelmed feeling and pending doom all the time.

By integrating a few automation tools, I realized I could alleviate much of my stress.

For example, I made sure my email program syncs to both my smartphone and desktop so that when I delete or respond to messages, I have access to them from both devices.

I also use pre-written email messages, such as introductions or thank you which I save as signatures in my email program. Then I simply choose that signature, customize it and hit send.

Matt Rathbun

Thanks to Matthew Rathbun, CRS, for another great tip. Matthew is Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker Elite, in Stafford, VA. Matthew has been a CRS since 2012.