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Dealing with Homeowner Turn-Offs

Apr 24, 2017

“Foul odors, flat-out filth, serious clutter, extreme personal decorating choices and shabbiness, both inside and out can be a sale’s ‘kiss of death’ regardless of location.  When sellers ask me if it’s worth the investment to tackle these turnoffs, I have a ready reply. I explain that they will rarely get dollar-for-dollar back, but certain fixes will help sell a home more quickly. The fixes most likely to hasten a sale are also among the least expensive: painting, uncluttering, deep cleaning, new hardware, and new light fixtures. From my perspective, the best way to understand what cannot be remedied cost effectively is to recognize when it’s time to reflect turnoffs in a home’s price based on a review of comparables.”

Rose Steepleton

Thanks to Rose Steepleton, CRS for another great tip. Rose is a sales agent with Noles-Frye Realty in Alexandria, LA. Rose has been a CRS since 1988.