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Provide the inside “Scoop” in your neighborhood newsletters

Apr 10, 2017

“I’ve mailed a monthly newsletter for nine years to residents in a neighborhood community and found out early on that people didn’t want canned information, recipes, or the schedule for the baseball team. I customize the information to the neighborhood.  I have a section called “Scoop” about what is being built where. I’ll describe a new restaurant that is opening or a local business that is closing.

I’ve gone into people’s homes and they have stacks of my newsletters that were saved over the years. I also get calls from people thanking me for the newsletter. While the homeowner’s association produces its own newsletter, no one reads it because it’s full of ads. Mine is read because it has information owners find interesting. I’m expanding to other neighborhoods that don’t have newsletters.”

Karen Mistrot

Thanks to Karen Mistrot, CRS, for another great tip. Karen is managing broker and owner of Karen & Company Realty in Englewood, CO. Karen has been a CRS since 2012.