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Top 10 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business

Jan 10, 2017

For many of us, technology has become a central part of our professional lives. If our email or business software goes down, our work comes to a halt and we’re at a loss on what to do next. While computers, mobile devices, social media, and other tech tools out there have greatly increased our productivity and made our lives easier, they’ve also made our personal information more vulnerable to the outside world. It’s now more important than ever to keep your data safe, and we have the solutions you need to safeguard against viruses, identity theft, and more.

Join us on January 17th, 2017, at 1pm CDT for our “Top 10 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business” webinar with Alex Camelio. Alex will be sharing a wealth of knowledge on how to protect your own data as well as the data of your clients with simple, smart tools that you can implement immediately. You’ll learn how to create better passwords, tips on how to secure your information (both online and offline), and so much more. Keep your data safe in 2017 – register today!

Meet Alex…

Alex Camelio is the head of technology for a new venture capital and incubator company. Alex focuses on both acquisitions and working to help grow products within the portfolio. Prior to selling his company to Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Alex was the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Realty. Within the real estate community, he has been recognized internationally as an expert in technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship and has presented for various national organizations.