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Protect Your Business by Making Your Website ADA-Compliant

Jan 09, 2017

As soon as I learned about possible legal actions being taken against realtors due to the fact their websites are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, I started working toward making sure my web provider is ADA-compliant. The issue revolves around providing content that accommodates visually and hearing-impaired individuals. A lot of it is making sure that you have good descriptions of your photos. Take notes on every move you make working towards compliance to show that you are on top of this issue.

Tom Hormel

Thanks to Tom Hormel, CRS, for another great tip.  Tom is a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Inland Empire in Spokane, WA. Tom has been a CRS since 2005.


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  4. C Lorenzo | Mar 01, 2018

    Having spent most of my career helping industrial clients comply with environmental regulations with the experts from, I can say with certainty that those clients would have resisted compliance more vigorously were it not well policed by the local, state and national regulators, for fear that without such policing, their less scrupulous competitors would have a cost advantage.

    The "free market" and effective environmental regulation are entirely antithetical. The same goes for banking, energy (Enron), consumer, health care and every other sector of our economy.

    After my state elected a doctrinaire Republican governor in the '90s, the chief watchdog of the state environmental agency was jokingly referred to the as "Director of Regulatory Non-Enforcement" (a cynical take on his actual title).

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