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How to Leverage Your CRS Designation to Differentiate Yourself Among Consumers

Sep 04, 2016

I love to ask sellers, “Do you know how many real estate agents there are in the U.S.?” They have no idea. When I tell them there are about 2 million, they are amazed.  I then ask, “What percent of the licensed real estate salespeople in the U.S. do you think are certified residential specialists?” The typical answer is 30 to 50 percent. I then tell them the correct answer is 3 to 5 percent. I show them the CRS logo and tell them this is the designation that you cannot buy — you have to earn it!”

mike selvaggioThanks to Mike Selvaggio, CRS, for another great tip. Mike is a broker/owner of the Delaware Home Real Estate Inc., in Wilmington, Delaware. Mike has been a CRS since 1984.