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CRS Qualified Consumer Leads Program can be a Profitable Lead Source

Aug 06, 2016
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I close five or six deals a year using the CRS Qualified Leads Program. I get leads at least twice a month and submit proposals and pitches to them. I land about half. Sixty-five percent are listed at more than $1 million and I’ve had several priced at more than $2 million. The key is a quick response time to leads—within an hour—and valuable follow-up that offers real market insight. I immediately let them know what their competition looks like and other sales I’ve done in their neighborhood, usually within a day. I follow up with more information than what’s required.

Patrick LillyThanks to Patrick Lilly, CRS, for another great tip. Patrick is a broker associate with CORE in New York City. Patrick has been a CRS since 1984.