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Simple Ways to keep You and Your Team Motivated

Jul 18, 2016

I send my team a weekly “Monday Motivation” email containing an inspirational quote or video. We do whatever we can to create a pervasive environment that’s upbeat and positive. We meet weekly to share successes and frustrations-and even have a mutual incentive—a group trip to the Caribbean if the office meets its annual sales goal. When something really great happens, we send each other congratulations and accolades, and when people are struggling we offer support- we’re here to lift each other up.

SashaFarmerThanks to Sasha Farmer, CRS, for another great tip.  Sasha is owner The Sasha Farmer Team and vice president at Montague, Miller & Co. REALTORS® in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sasha has been a CRS since 2007.


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