Under Pressure?

written by Shannon Gilmore, CRS
Middleburg, VA   
Nov 17, 2020

Health & Fitness


There have been stressful times in my life and out of pure willing to try anything, I went to a gentle yoga class. The resulting calm and euphoria I felt was totally unexpected. I went again and again; until I didn’t. My yoga teacher moved on; I didn’t like the new one blah blah…. You know how it goes life, work, priorities. I forgot, I didn’t remember how good it felt to take just a little bit of time out of my week to practice self-care and connection. 

What is Yoga and why would you try it? Yoga is a term that comes from a Sanskrit root word “Yuj” meaning hitch, yoke or join. There are as many interpretations and translations as there are many types of Yoga. A good place to start is with a gentle yoga (Hatha) or a flow (Vinyasa) class. I am NOT an expert but if you’re interested in the different types or want to try it at home check out (of course the standard consult a doctor if you have health issues applies.) “The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body,” explains Natalie Nevins, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in Hollywood, California. Don’t we all need that?

Fast forward to 2020, here I am selling real estate masked up in a totally different world. Days filled with navigating remote closings, zoom meetings and client concerns. My listings contain PPE, and state protocols dictate procedure. A new world with record low rates, people working and schooling from home, unbelievably low inventory… yet as a Realtor® like all of you, I have been out there adapting, helping people make changes. It can be a lot… it reminds me of this classic by David Bowie and Queen.   

Just when I needed self-care and connection most a client and friend of mine added a yoga class to help raise funds for an equine assisted nonprofit program she runs. I thought about how peaceful I feel after Yoga, a plus to help a good cause; I decided to give the once a week hour class a shot. 

Our Yogi, Luke Greer focuses on the Asana practice of Vinyasa yoga. The class themes revolve around breath work, mindfulness, meditation and movement. We all bring our own mats, and blankets, socially distance and Luke starts class by asking if we have any areas we want to focus on or practice. His thoughtful approach tempered by his understanding of physical challenges allows for modifications and an hour of rejuvenating peace. During the warmer months we have practiced outside and now with the change of season we will move to the barn with a heat source. 

Our group consists of neighbors and friends and the camaraderie we have built during a year of separation is something unexpected. Although we are far apart during class, we come together during this hour. I did not realize how much I would appreciate this group and the calming affect it has had on me. If you are feeling Under Pressure do yourself a favor and try Yoga.  

Namaste friends.