The Grumpy Barista Ruined My Day

written by Aaron Zapata, CRS
Placentia, CA   
Nov 5, 2021


Setbacks and disappointments are part of the real estate career and we all have them. No one is immune to the sting when a friend or family member goes with another agent instead of us. We’ve all experienced it when escrow falls out the day before we are expected to close. Or perhaps it’s not real estate related at all…perhaps you have a bad experience at the coffee shop or someone blames you for something you didn’t do, or you fail at something you were trying and now you are embarrassed from the failure. And we also know that our performance as a REALTOR® is affected by the personal relationships we have with our families and friends. The opportunities for disappoint are endless. 

So how do we recover from disappointment and setback? How do we “move on” without letting the bad things prevent us from doing our best in future things?

When something bad happens, we have the choice to let the event burden us all day or not. I have chosen to have a mental funeral for the disappointments that come my way. When I don’t get a listing because I wouldn’t overprice the home or discount my commission, I have a funeral for the loss and move on. When a deal falls out at the last minute for one of my sellers, I have a five second funeral for the loss, and move on to find the next buyer. When I have an argument with someone and we can’t resolve it before I need to put my best foot forward, I have a funeral, go and do my best and then come back. 

I’ve learned that my performance as a REALTOR® is impacted more by the space inside my head than by anything that we encounter. How I think about something and how I respond to something determines my outlook and the outcome. 

When I succeed at recovering from loss, I can succeed at anything.