Spin Bike Craze

written by Marianne McNally, CRS
Salem, OR        
Dec 30, 2020

Bike Workout
Many of us took to drastic measures when the lock down began! We bought bikes, indoor bikes or as some say spin bikes. If you were like me you went online to buy one, and guess what, so did a million other people. Then you saw it, SOLD OUT written across the cute picture of the bike you wanted. There are so many choices of spin bikes these days. You started asking around to see who had one, which one they had, did they give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and most importantly, what is the cost? Then you see on Facebook that your friend just got one. Immediately you text her, why did you choose this one, where did you get it, and how much was it? You interrogate her like she has committed a crime!

Your hunt begins almost like you are a first-time home buyer, you become obsessed about it. Day and night, you are looking online, you can’t go to the sporting goods store because they were all closed. You start searching FSBO’s, Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, Nextdoor app, even OfferUp! You’re sending messages to everyone that lists one for sale, by the time you hear back, someone has already bought. You start thinking, “Holy cow this is just like the housing market, more buyers than there are bikes.” Maybe I could use my negotiation skills to buy one of these bikes. Could I use an escalation clause to buy this bike? Could I write a real sappy text to the seller and see if I could pull at their heartstrings? Tell them how I am going stir crazy with the lock down, I need to ride off some steam. How about my mother’s last dying wish was for me to buy a spin bike?

By chance you stop by a sporting goods store because they just reopened. You walk in and over to where the exercise equipment is located. There it is, the bike you have been searching for, it’s like the angels started singing and a single stage light is shining down on the bike! You start praying, “Please let there be just one left!” As luck has it, there were two in stock! The one that was put together and one in the box! I sprinted up to the cashier and gave them my debit card, they loaded it into my SUV and I was on my way home! First though a selfie with the box! It’s a must, you need to show the world you found one!

It doesn’t matter what brand I bought. I researched and found the bike that worked for me and my family. I had a budget, I had a checklist of items the bike must have, and now I found the one that checked all of my boxes! This is a true story, it happened in April! Since then I have completed seven Virtual Challenges on my bike and I have received seven medals for my workouts. I have strengthened my legs, my glutes, and lungs. I love this bike, I can do this anytime of day/night, its whisper quiet, it’s in our house where I control the temperature, and there is no Oregon rain!