Restorative Self Care in a Pandemic Holiday Season

written by Addie Owens, CRS
Mount Dora, FL   
Dec 1, 2020

Health & Fitness


On any given year, the holiday season adds a certain amount of emotional and physical taxation on us. Given the events of 2020, many of us are looking to this holiday season to add extra joy to our cup to get us through the finale of this year. As we move through December, with a few moments of intentional time focused on restoration, we can feel more motivated and ready to tackle 2021. There is a difference between everyday self-care, and restorative self-care. In everyday self-care, the primary purpose is focused on the short term, get through the next few days, by simple maintenance. Restorative self-care aims to examine our overall mental and physical wellbeing to shore up loose ends for the purpose of resetting our soul. Think of it as the difference of polishing a piece of furniture versus refinishing a piece of furniture. If you’re polishing, you’re likely revitalizing a mostly undamaged surface, and adding a little shine. If you’re refinishing, you’re going to take more time to sand down imperfections and fill in deep scratches before adding a coat of protective finish.

There is no question this year has dented and dinged many of us. The pandemic has affected our families, our businesses, and our societal expectations. It’s highly unlikely any of us leave 2020 unchanged.  I know I am forever changed by the events of this year and am taking this season to reset my soul in preparation for 2021. My typical self-care moments involve pedicures, binge watching TV (usually a series my husband would not enjoy), a drive to the beach or lunch with a girlfriend. During this restorative self-care season though, those things are just not enough to get the job done.

To reset, I am dialing down on how each major event of this year (and last year) made me feel, underlying issues that contributed to those feelings and owning all of it. I am looking at those scratches and dings straight on and examining how it changed me, why it changed me and how I can use the experiences to improve myself, my business and my family. I am being intentional with my thoughts, and what I allow my metal energy to be expended upon, not leaving anything to chance. I am investing my time in activities that feed my spirit and help me reconnect with my centered self. I am focused on making sure social media is working to my benefit, and not allowing it to deplete me, creating better boundaries from those people and groups that influence negativity. I have reduced my time spent browsing my newsfeed and instead invested it in scheduling posts that leverage my business or better, only connecting in genuine relationships. I have made a list of the things I accomplished this year, despite 2020, and am celebrating appropriately. More importantly, I am lowering my expectations of myself (just for the holiday season).  As a person that tends to work on hyperdrive and not let up on the throttle, this is the most difficult thing for me to do. But rest is important, and I am tired. I am committed to not carrying the weight of 2020 into 2021.

Addie Owens, CRS is the 2020 President of the Realtors® Association of Lake and Sumter Counties, Residential Real Estate Council Florida State 2021 President-Elect and serves on the Florida Realtors Board of Directors. She is also owner of Touchstone Real Estate and is a licensed Real Estate Instructor for Touchstone Real Estate Schools located in Mount Dora, Florida.