Renting A Home During Covid-19

written by Kami Zargari, CRS
Las Vegas, NV   
Sep 13, 2021


Your guide to renting a house during a pandemic.

Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to find long or short-term rentals. So the folks at Triumph Property Management, which is a go-to Las Vegas Property Management group, are offering tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to navigating renting a home during a pandemic.

What to Look For in a Rental

According to Triumph Property Management, a Las Vegas property management company, the ideal pre-pandemic home might have meant a few bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, or perhaps a spacious backyard. Now, most American homes serve as the central command for play, work, school, and daily life.

Rental homes need to have space to accommodate work and school from home while still serving as a safe, comfortable home for you and your family. Look for a place with high-speed internet and comfortable spaces to connect. You’ll need ample living and working space to get through the day.

How to Rent a House 

Covid-19 or not, here’s a timeline to help you get started on your next search for a rental home.

1. Determine your renting budget. Figure out how much you can and want to spend on renting a home.

2. Make a list of must-haves. Make a list of features you're not willing to negotiate on

3. Do your research. Check out the neighborhood. Do you see yourself living there?

4. Tour houses. Set up times to tour a few properties. We’ll talk about safely touring rental homes during a pandemic a little later on in the post.

5. Negotiate rental terms. Talk to your property management company to negotiate terms with the landlord that work best for you.

6. Fill out a rental application. This is the final step. Fill out a rental application if you’re ready to move forward. You’ll need to provide a valid photo ID, recent pay stubs, employment, and income details in most cases.

Is it Safe to Visit Rental Properties During Covid-19?

With everyone navigating the “new normal” way of life during a pandemic, the way you seek rental homes might look a little different. To remain as safe as possible, work with a reputable property management company. This way, you can see all the available rentals in your desired area online. After selecting a few properties to see in person, schedule an appointment with the homeowner. It’s always a good idea to follow safety guidelines put in place by local representatives. This could mean adhering to social distancing, wearing a mask, or even doing a virtual tour of a property.

It’s understandable that you want to see a home in person. However, take the proper precautions to help keep you, your family, and your community members safe.

Henderson Property Management

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