Redecorate to Improve Your Mental Health

written by TRS Magazine
Apr 1, 2022


Did you know that your home’s decor has a heavy influence on your mental health? Recently, people have been spending more time at home than ever before. Sitting in the same place every day, looking at the same furniture and decor can get boring and take its toll on your mental well-being. Redecorating your home gives you a chance to not only refresh your physical space, but to refresh your mental health as well. Here are some changes you can make and things you can add to you space that will have some positive impacts on your overall wellness.

Add greenery to your environment

Bringing plants into your space is an easy way to bring life and happiness into your home. These live plants will purify the air while also being aesthetically pleasing. Some plants will even make your home smell amazing.

Reduce clutter

Being surrounded by mess and clutter can cause you to experience stress and anxiety. You’ll find much better focus when your home is clean and organized. Toss any unnecessary items and only keep what you deem to be necessary.

Choose a new paint color

Some general color rules that many people agree with are that red translates to passion, yellow to happiness, green to calm, purple to luxury and white to cleanliness. Colors carry meaning, and they resonate differently with each person. While you’re looking for a new paint color, be sure to pick a color that matches the tone you wish to set for the room.

Get better lighting solutions

Incorporate more natural light into your space where you can. You need the vitamin D from sunlight to maintain your mental health. Get rid of those black-out curtains and opt for something sheer or light-filtering. If natural light is not an option, evenly dispersing artificial light is also a great alternative.

Get rid of emotional baggage

Have you been holding on to items that take you back to a bad memory or remind you of someone you no longer wish to think about? Throw those things out or donate them to your local thrift store. No longer having these triggers in eyesight will do wonders for your mental well-being.

Upgrade your bedding

The average person spends nearly one-third of their lifetime sleeping in bed. It’s only right that the time be spent in high-quality bedding. Invest in sheets that have a high thread count, replace your old duvet or comforter and add some accent pillows.