Our One Thing

written by Sue Long, CRS
Corvallis, OR
Dec 17, 2020

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Our One Thing

Our team loves focusing on our One Thing! Based on the The One Thing by Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams, the One Thing is something that you can do in your life that will lead you to success – and what better time to think about this than when making new year’s resolutions? Here are three simple steps to identify your very own One Thing and give you the power to focus on it and achieve your goals in 2021.

1. Find Your Purpose

Everyone wants to have a purpose in life, right? If you don’t know that is quite yet, that’s okay! You likely have many things that are important in your life, whether they involve your job, family, hobbies and so on. Think about what activities and outcomes you are most passionate about. For example, you may love hiking and feel passionately about people around the world having access to natural areas that they can explore.

Now, what do you think is the One Thing that you can do to achieve one of these activities and outcomes? See if you can write up a purpose to describe how you can do this One Thing. Writing it down makes it more ‘real’ so don’t let this be just a mental exercise. Put pen to paper and keep it visible somewhere in your daily life.

2. Being Productive

First, try doing some research to find out who has achieved a similar purpose to yours and find out how they accomplished this. Then, try setting goals for yourself. Start with a big, long term one, then a five-year goal, a one-year goal, and so on until you have your goal for today. In order to be successful and reach your goals, try time blocking and other time management skills.

There are many online tools that can help you accomplish this. One we use to track our time, which is helpful for staying on task, as well as for seeing where our time is going, is called toggl track.

3. Focus on Key Areas of Your Life

It can be overwhelming to know what you want to do with your life but not knowing how you can do it. It’s a great idea to break down aspects of your life and figure out how you can work on your One Thing in these areas. It can be as simple as taking a 20-minute walk on your lunch break every day to improve physical fitness and mental focus, it doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful.

Start small! Planning out your week and figuring out what you would like to do each day to achieve your One Thing is a good way to break it down and make it more realistic for you to achieve.

As a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, The One Thing has some great tips on how you can become successful in every aspect in your life. If you are interested, you can learn more about the book and buy it here (or at your local bookstore!).

Sue Long is the Principal Broker (owner-operator) of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette