Organizing Your Freezer in a Few Easy Steps

written by Nellie Lazar, CRS
Turlock, CA   
May 21, 2021

Freezer Organization

As a busy REALTOR® and working mom, it’s imperative that I have some order in my life. You'll note that a lot of my blog posts focus on home organization. Having some systems in place helps me be most effective in my daily home and work life. My last post focused on refrigerator organization, and this one is all about the freezer. Before I dive into that, let me recap why I find a clean and well-ordered fridge important.

  1. It saves money. Being able to see what’s in my fridge ensures I’m using what I have to create meals. When you have a messy fridge, it’s so easy to ignore it and just keep filling it with items that may already be there leading to unnecessary waste.
  2. It helps with meal planning. Seeing the ingredients already in my fridge inspires me to cook meals based on my current inventory and the items that are expiring first.
  3. It’s good for your health. Having items neatly organized and displayed, inspires me to cook. This means we’re not ordering fast food out of desperation. Making sure we have a few ingredients on hand for a healthy salad, sandwich or pasta dish, makes late work nights not so daunting. Most of the time, we have those items in our fridge, but when they’re a mess or hard to find, we give up and order takeout. We are what we eat after all, and our bodies and minds function best when eating a balanced and healthy diet. 

Now, on to the freezer. I’m the first to admit that I’ve lost foods in the freezer. It’s so easy to do when they just keep getting shoved to the back every time we bring in that Costco haul. The best way to get the freezer under control is to tackle it the same way we do the fridge. 

  1. Edit. Take everything out. I suggest going through every item and discarding anything with freezer burn, anything you know you’re never going to eat, and any ice cream that’s been sitting there since the previous summer. 
  2. Create zones. Just like we did with the fridge, I recommend having sections. In my freezer, I have several shelves and a drawer. I use the drawer for meat, and use the shelves for everything else. The top shelf is for breads, pie crusts, pastries, pizza… basically anything bread related. The other shelves are for frozen meals and entrees, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, breakfast items, etc. You’ll figure out your own zones based on what your family eats. I like to use clear storage containers that can be placed side by side on each shelf and can easily be pulled out. This is great because things aren’t being shoved to the back if you use this method of storage. I like these containers here and these. You might find that another style works best for your freezer’s footprint.
  3. Label. This isn’t necessary, but if your family is like mine, they may benefit from a label system that will make it easier to place items in the right place. Keeping a consistent footprint helps maintain the system.

Personally, I don’t think organizing the freezer takes as long as the fridge. Having a well-stocked and organized freezer will help take the guesswork out of what’s for dinner, provide access to a quick meal or snack, and ultimately lessen some of the mental clutter that’s caused by our physical clutter. Pantry next?? Happy Organizing!