New Year New You

written by Shannon Gilmore, CRS
Middleburg, VA   
Dec 9, 2020

Health & Fitness


For many of us the end of 2020 could not come soon enough. Most of our plans went down the tube as we had to adjust to a new way of interacting. Working out at the gym, or dieting may have fallen by the wayside. At the end of a long day I know I was much more tempted to enjoy a large glass of wine then I was motivated to work out.    

This January I will I start a new chapter. I will start the new year, new me with “a simple plan for improving life – one month at a time…” I plan to challenge myself by trying something different. I recently bought the book The Self -Care Solution by Jennifer Ashton, M.D., M.S. The key concept is that you can create a better life for yourself but starting small. Since I tend to tackle everything at once and then get frustrated, starting out with one improvement seems doable.

Each month there is a new challenge. Yes, just one. Yes, the first month is no drinking (ok before you boo and pour yourself another cabernet hear me out!) You can tackle the monthly challenges anyway you want. Also Dr. Ashton, while writing the book experienced each challenge and she shares her insight and struggles. Her point is that you can improve your health, lifestyle and mindfulness with small changes, one at a time, one month at a time.   

In the end in whatever order you choose, you could make twelve changes in your daily life over twelve months. Consider it self-care for your mind, body and spirit. The challenges are varied, and the author guarantees you will learn something about yourself. Dr. Ashton shares “spending just a few minutes every day to take care of yourself actually creates more time, because you’re less stressed, more focused, energetic and confident as a result.” I know I would like all the above please.

So, as I look to close the chapter on the year that shall not be named, I will crack open The Self-Care Solution and decide where to begin. The book is available for under $20 link provided or choose the audio book version. I’d love to keep in touch and hear how it’s going. Next December the challenge is laughter, which sounds pretty appealing right now. Why not take a moment out for yourself, and join me as we welcome in the New Year, and a new and more mindful version of ourselves?