My Favorite Closet Moving Hacks

written by Nellie Lazar, CRS
Turlock, CA   
Jan 26, 2021

For most people, the prospect of moving can be pretty daunting when you consider all the packing that occurs. While professional movers can ease the stress and the work, there are certain things that will be a burden regardless. When we moved four years ago, we hired movers. I felt comfortable having them pack our household items, however, I didn’t feel comfortable having them pack and move my personal belongings in my closet. It’s my opinion that every member of the household should take responsibility for moving their personal belongings, if for no other reason than to ensure that nothing is misplaced or mistreated during the move. If you read my previous blog post, 10 Tips for Tidying Your Closet, and you either implemented or plan to implement those organizational suggestions, then you’ll be ready for my Closet Moving Hacks. No purging required because you’ll have already done so in the previous step!

  1. WRAP YOUR DRAWERS. This is actually so easy! If you’ve folded the items in your drawers as specified in step #1 of 10TTYC, then you can simply remove your drawers from their respective dressers and wrap them tightly with mover’s plastic wrap, as the contents are essentially ready to move. This makes moving the larger furniture pieces easy, and you need only stack the drawers in the moving van. At your new home, the drawers will literally move from the van to the dresser, and your clothes will already be inside. You can find good quality plastic moving wrap here:
  2. UTILIZE WARDROBE BOXES AND GARBAGE BAGS. You can do a couple of different things with your hung items. 
    • If you have movers and they’ll be transporting your clothing for you, I recommend using wardrobe boxes. These are vertical boxes with a metal hanging bar. When assembled, you just pop your hung items in the box, and they are ready for transfer. Depending on the size, you can fit approximately 25 pieces in each. These are great for long distance moves and ensure your clothing is protected. You can find them at most vendors that sell moving supplies, or online here:
    • If you have a short distance to move, and/or plan to transport your clothes yourself, there’s a much more affordable option… garbage bags! These are super easy to use, and you can do this two ways depending on your preference. First, you’re going to hang like items together (see previous post, 10 Tips for Tidying Your Closet); you’ll simply gather and squeeze a dozen or so hangers together and then bring a garbage bag up and around the items cinching the drawstring at the top around the hanger hooks. Use this method for tops, and make sure that you purchase bags that are long enough to accommodate. For all other items, make a hole at the bottom middle of the bag, insert over the designated hangers, and pull the bag down over the clothing. If you prefer, by all means use this technique for your tops, as well. I just happen to like the idea of complete coverage, if possible.  Your garment bags will be ready to lay across the trunk of your car or van and be certain to lay them alternating top to bottom for even distribution.           
  3. SUITCASES AREN’T JUST FOR TRAVEL… they can come in handy for transporting shoes!  If you’re already organized and keep your shoes in individual boxes, then simply place the shoeboxes in larger moving boxes with heavier shoes on the bottom. If your shoes are on shelves, then consider packing them in suitcases. First, you want to be sure they’re clean, and keep athletic or sports shoes separate from your nicer shoes. Consider wrapping your nicer shoes in paper towels (pillowcases are great, too) and stack them on their sides back to front in the designated suitcase. You’ll be ready to roll!
  4. SAVE THOSE PAPER TOWEL AND TOILET PAPER ROLLS. These are excellent for transporting jewelry! Bracelets can easily slip around the perimeter of these rolls. Wrap with plastic cling wrap and place in your moving box. Chunkier necklaces may be slipped through a paper towel roll for protection. You can even wrap longer slender necklaces around the perimeter. Make sure you protect each roll with cling wrap to keep items secure and tangle free. You’ll find the rolls can be used in different ways!
  5. HOLD ON TO YOUR EGG CARTONS. Egg cartons are excellent for your earrings or smaller delicates. Simply place one set of earrings in each dimple and secure with cling wrap once each dimple is full. Voilà… they’re ready to transport.

These easy and cost-nothing hacks really made my move a lot easier. While the closet is such a small sector of our homes, it often has the smallest and most valuable items that we need to deal with ourselves. I hope these hacks will make the prospect of packing a little less daunting when it’s time for you to move!