Monyay Through Friyay

written by Lisa Dorsey, CRS
Madison, CT   
Feb 11, 2021

The gradually growing vocabulary of social media-inspired happy names for the days of the week has me feeling quite cranky, actually.

There, I said it.

As if not enough toxic positivity has seeped into my electronic dopamine hits (inspirational quote from canva, anyone?), there is now this incredibly annoying trend of "happifying" everything on social media. Now even the days of the week need a celebratory hashtag.

I'm feeling so irritated, it must be BOO-sday (rhymes with Tuesday!)

See how annoying that is?

I started noticing it years ago on Facebook, before this social network was more than one continuous, scrolling advertisement. My first memory of the trend is #tbt: Throwback Thursday. A meme I sometimes refer to as, Didn't-I-Look-Great-Ten-Years-Ago! Thursday.

Maybe it happened like this for all of us: Gradually, as we opened our news feeds— that delicious, first-of-the-day sip of social media—we noticed that once a week, our eyes were taking multiple celebratory strolls down photographic memory lanes.

A little annoying. But live and let live, right?

Then came #friyay.

Now: I like Fridays, too. Fridays are probably my favorite day of the week! I try to treat myself to something every Friday, even if it's just half an hour alone in my car singing. Fridays always feel like a hurdle has been crossed, something has been accomplished.

Even in our Realtor's reality where the work week begins on Friday, I'm still partial. Doesn't it seem like everyone is in a slightly better mood? Even the most perennially cranky seem able to spare a gruff "thank god it's the weekend" mumble on Fridays.

But… Friyay?

Must we?

Somewhere in the fun, #OOTD appeared, straight in from that blurry grey space where reality TV, social media and actual reality intersect. "Outfit of the day" was a more flexible concept—now every day could be a hashtag day.

Which I have to admit was a pretty cool idea at first. As a native New Yorker and veteran people-watcher, there are few sights I appreciate more than watching a well-dressed figure cut a dash through a crowd. People, bodies, move differently when they're feeling themselves, and I'm a sucker for it.

But every day?

Not #OOTW or #OOTM?

Isn't that an awful lot of pressure for busy people?

When I started catching myself drifting to sleep thinking, “Oh no . . . another night with no #ootd planned,” I knew it was time to quit altogether.

That's when the worst happened.

You might know it as Sunday Funday.

I call it one of the rings of hell that Dante missed.

Seriously, who enjoys Sundays? Does anyone?

I am now technically middle-aged and by Sundays at noon I still feel like it's the last day of summer vacation. Every week!

Yes, the season matters: If I'm on my SUP cutting through water as the sun sets alongside me on the Long Island Sound, yeah: Sunday can feel less bad.

But Sunday Funday?

No. Not at all.

Carry on.