I Am Your Local Real Estate Professional, Not a Therapist

written by Wendy S. Kunash, CRS
Cleveland, OH   
Jan 14, 2021


I am not a therapist by any means, and I know more about my client than most of their own family members. In the “moving” process whether buying or selling real estate, the client that “we” (real estate agents) represent, and counsel, has decided we are the best person to get them through their new life journey. Our job is to dig deep to find exactly what the client is needing & wanting in this process.

Trusting someone with financial information, personal information, preferences, emotions, and hand holding along the way is not easy. We ask a lot of private “home life” questions in order for us to discover the “best” fit or scenario. I often joke that we know more than their family members and even spouses. I have been asked handfuls of times to hold a secret from a spouse! (I will take it to my grave.)

When trust is developed there is a door that is opened for our client where they feel it is safe to walk through and share. The real estate process can reveal nearly every emotion out of a human. It is our role to help them navigate through the emotion of the time. There could be sadness leaving their current residence, grief, happiness, anxiousness, joy, worry, impatience, etc. Moving is a major life event and when the client is still going through their normal day-to-day activities (working, family/kids) and trying to pack up their life, plan and wait for closing, it can bring a lot of stress—good and bad. Families argue, get frustrated with one another and though it is an exciting time, it is overwhelming.

During this time, it is important for the agent to stay clear minded and table any of their own emotions. Here are two great quotes that bring it home:

“People may hear your words, but they FEEL your attitude,” by John Maxwell.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” by Bill Gates.

If you operate out of empathy, kindness and seek first to understand, then it could bring calm in all situations. In stressful times it is always good to remember kindness always brings peace. We are all humans going through all different levels of stress, life changes and journeys and experiences will determine how they are navigated. Once in a while, this means the agent needs to be a good listener, lending an ear and for that moment even a “therapist”. We all want to be heard, seen, and cared for.  Many of my closest friends in my inner circle came from this real estate industry. It’s truly an amazing gift to have a trusting friendship for a lifetime.