How to be Zoom Ready in 5 Minutes

written by Jenna Koontz, CRS
Poland, OH   
Feb 25, 2021

I cannot even count how many Zoom meetings I have each month anymore. It really has become the ‘new normal’. While it took me a little while to get used to the idea, I decided I needed to find a quick way to be ready for any Zoom meeting on my calendar. My first few tips are things you can set up now prior to your meeting time.

Location – finding a location that is quiet and well lit will make the meeting a lot easier. Somewhere away from distractions. If you do need to speak, choose somewhere that background noise can be at a minimum.

Background – not every location will have a great background behind you. We also do not want this to be too distracting for other members on your Zoom. If you are not a fan of your background you can also upload one that is more appealing. There are several websites that offer free backgrounds, or you can use your own photo. For CRS designees the Council offers free branded backgrounds for your use here: CRS Designee Zoom Backgrounds. Here is a tutorial for uploading your background: Zoom Customized Background Help Center

Lighting – Make sure you are in a well-lit room. Facing a window with natural light coming in is the best. Make sure you do not have your back to a window as it can create a dark shadow on your face for the camera. If you do not have good lighting options, having a small selfie ring light that is attached to your phone or computer near the camera is the next best option. Theses can be inexpensive. Here is one similar one to the one I use: Clip On Selfie Ring Light

Filter – You can adjust the level of filter for your meeting( Video enhancements – Help Center ). Some days I wear a different amount of makeup. On days when I am wearing little but have a bad complexion, I turn the filter level up a few notches. On days where I have full makeup, I let that show through.

Now that you have your location and your account all set up for the meeting, it is time to get yourself ready. In the beginning of the Zoom era, I would have sweatpants on with a nice blouse. I am not saying that its can’t still happen at my house, but just like being in person I feel like I have more confidence when I am dressed and ready to go. I like to enhance the look with my hair either styled or pulled back out of my face. Put a little bit of concealer on any blemishes or dark marks and put some blush and lip stain on. The camera can wash your color out so adding a little dimension to your face with color can help.

Anyone who has been on a few meetings knows the importance of the mute button when you enter a room and say your hellos. Here are a few more etiquette tips from Emily Post:  Zoom Etiquette - Emily Post