How to Balance Work/Life During a Busy Market

written by Wendy S. Kunash, CRS
Cleveland, OH   
Oct 25, 2021

Work Life Balance

The #1 thing that real estate agents struggle to achieve (or desperately aim for) is work/life balance. Some tips I’ve learned from failing for years and finally allowing were:

  • Prioritizing my calendar. Time management or lack of was the #1 reason I was failing. I added in all the holiday events, family appointments, commitments, vacations, and even got specific to even add in my workouts. Time budgeted to clean the house on Saturday from 11am-1pm for example. If it is not on your calendar, it does not exist. Everything goes on my calendar for the week, month and year. I recently added grocery shopping to my calendar on Saturday nights and started utilizing Instacart and curbside ordering to maximize time. Did you know that the stores are typically empty on a Saturday night, practically no wait in lines! Share your calendar with family so they understand your schedule. When you schedule appointments with clients I encourage you to offer two times and days instead of asking “when is best for you?” Instead you can say, "I am available on Tuesday at 4pm or Wednesday at 10am, could either of those times work for you?" Control your calendar and when you have free time.
  • Set expectations with clients. "I have a family and there may be times that I could be tied up with a family commitment. You’re important to me and I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule and ensure I am keeping myself available to answer questions, concerns as I can."
  • Stop saying no to yourself first. If you have interests, hobbies and a social life it must go on the calendar. Do NOT miss that appointment with yourself. Stay committed to yourself, you need time to be human and believe it or not, work is not everything. Your health should be top priority. You are not good to anyone if you are not well. Have a short non-negotiables list for each day. Three things that I absolutely must do, and if the rest of the list does not get done then that is OKAY. Let it go, the next day.
  • Leverage is your friend. What job or tasks in your day can be done by someone else? Leverage kids, friends, team members and/or service providers.
There are 1,440 minutes in a day and each one of them matters. Do spend your precious time doing what matters.