Haunted Areas in Salt Lake City, UT

written by Dawn Stevens, CRS
Salt Lake City, UT   
Oct 7, 2021

Salt Lake City Spooky

What’s so creepy about Salt Lake City, Utah? It’s not just the Mormons.. (just kidding), but Utah has its own ghost stories like any other city. Now, these properties aren’t for sale...but if you like places with “history”, downtown Salt Lake City has a few stories. Today, I have three for you. 

Let’s start with one about “The Purple Lady”...

At the Rio Grande in Salt Lake City, UT, there is a story about a woman who was with her fiancé at the train station. He was about to leave for World War I, but they got into a fight. Apparently, the argument got so heated that the man ended the engagement and threw her engagement ring onto the tracks.

The woman jumped onto the tracks to retrieve the ring, but it could not have been worse timing. The woman did not have enough time to get back onto the platform before the train came. She was struck and killed on the tracks.

Some have mentioned seeing the black-haired woman wearing a long, purple sequined dress. She is often seen on the couch in the bathroom on the north side of the depot around the café.

The Devereaux Manson

This property is located at 340 S. Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, and was considered the most elegant home in its time period (mid 1800’s).

This home was almost destroyed by a fire in 1979, but has been completely renovated and is now used as a restaurant and wedding venue. I hope the people who remodeled the home didn’t think that renovation got rid of the ghosts... because it definitely did not.

There are two known spirits on the property. One is a young girl (around 8 years old) who likes to play pranks on the kitchen staff. Apparently, she is quite the jokester! She can be spotted at night and often gives you a friendly wave. However, sometimes she gets angry and slams open doors and throws things on the ground.

There has also been word of a second spirit in the mansion. She is believed to have been the head housekeeper and has shown signs of being very aggressive. She is VERY protective of the mansion and feels that it is being misused.

Doesn’t that make you want to book a nice, peaceful dinner there? Yeah, sounds like a good time. Sign me up!

In downtown Salt Lake City, lives the Capitol Theater, and apparently, so does a ghost named George. 

George likes to play with the lights during performances.

Funny story, an old stage manager who used to run the lights for The Nutcracker, had a frustrating encounter with George. As the curtain rose for the opening show, none of the lights would turn on. So the stage manager yelled at George and threatened to have him exorcised if he didn’t turn the lights on! Apparently, after that, George turned the lights on. LOL.

Rumors say that there are previous actor spirits that haunt the bathrooms. They like to randomly flush toilets and slam door stalls to startle the patrons.

Who wants to go to a play?! 

Salt Lake City has SO much to offer on top of its entertaining history. However, Halloween is coming up! If you live near Salt Lake City, I would be happy to set up a little self-guided tour to these places to really get you into the Halloween spirit?

Dawn Stevens, CRS
Broker - Presidio Canyons Luxury Real Estate